MEOMI iBends are back in stock with the new and improved shape!

MEOMI iBends are back in stock with the new and improved shape! We're excited to announce that we have fully restocked the MEOMI iBends, both the Cute Bites and the Mustaches. The folks at MEOMI took a moment to update the designs in order to accomodate the new shape and now the MEOMI iBends are available in both the iBend store and the ecoSnap store.

Don't forget to use promotional code MEOMI888 at checkout to receive a 15% discount on all MEOMI products!

We're excited to announce our latest product offering, the iBendXL™!

We're excited to announce our latest product offering, the iBendXL™! The iBendXL was designed to support the iPad® in both portrait and landscape modes; it fits nicely inside any standard iPad® case and works great while traveling on a plane or train, for entertaining kids, cooking, and much more. We are especially excited about our new form of packaging, which minimizes waste without sacrificing design. The best part... the iBendXL price makes it one of the only iPad® accessories under $10 US.

The iBendXL™ is available now in the iBend™ store – and for a limited time you can receive a 20% discount on all iBendXL™ products by using the discount code IBNDXL20 during the checkout process.

The iBend is a great compliment to some terrific apps

We have a long list of apps that are great for pairing with your iBend, so we thought we'd share a few favorites over on our blog.

We heart out customers...

Thank You J. from England for the wonderful review of our product and for sharing the iBend with his fellow travelers. Of course, we thanked him with plenty of discount codes!

"I am emailing you, to say how fantastic I have found my recent purchase of an iBend to be. It fits my iPhone4 perfectly and I now find it an invaluable addition, I would not leave my home without one. On a recent train journey, I had a few other travelers ask me where I had got my iBend from, needless to say, I gave them your website address. I have since seen at least two of them, now using their new iBend. Many thanks for creating the iBend."

– J. from England

The iBend is the perfect stand for a FaceTime session

The iBend is the perfect stand for a FaceTime session As a follow up to how well the iBend and iPhone 4 work together, we've done a few tests and taken a few photos of the iBend in action with FaceTime. The iBend makes a perfect stand that is always available for those impromptu FaceTime sessions when you need the hands free stability of an iPhone stand. (Thanks to Daniel and Gideon for taking part in the test, from Nashville!)

The iBend and iPhone 4 work wonderfully together

The iBend and iPhone 4 work wonderfully together We are happy to report that the iBend works incredibly well with the new iPhone 4. With its squared edges and its aluminum antenna band, the iBend actually "grapples" the edge surprisingly well in a way that doesn't even allow for subtle slippage. We could go on all day marveling about how excited we are for the consistent performance of the iBend, but instead we'll just share some pictures with you so that you can see for yourself how well the iPhone and the iBend continue to work together.

Update: The iBend is also works great to rest your phone at a nice angle during a FaceTime session.

iBend word scramble contest

iBend word scramble contest We're very excited to announce our first iBend word scramble contest that challenges everyone to win some great iBend prizes and promotional codes to share. On top of being able to give your closest friends and family members free iBends, you will be able to boast your bragging rights of how clever you are by sharing a personalized discount code with the entire world. For further information including hints, rules and details, head over to and put your noggin to the test!

Stop fumbling around!

One of our UK retailers, Firebox, has a great feature video that was put together by an iBend fan/customer that's not just entertaining, it's true!

17+ million people watched video on their phones in Q4 2009

The New York Times recently posted a great article about the rapid growth of video media consumption on mobile devices, such as the iPhone. Of course we think this is great news and it clearly emphasizes the fact that you can always benefit from having an iBend on you so that you can easily and comfortable enjoy your media in a hands-free fashion no matter where you are.

The Bartalos Owls and Landscapes are back in stock!

Yipppeee! We are excited to announce that the Michael Bartalos Owls and Landscapes iBend packs from the Artist Series are now fully restocked. Head on over to the store and grab some today!

Michael Bartalos Re-stocking

Michael Bartalos Re-stocking We're excited to announce that we have begun the manufacturing process to re-stock both the Bartalos owls and landscape iBends and that they should be available in just a few weeks. Plus, we have some more new product offerings specifically designed for retailers that we will announce in the coming weeks too.

iBend works with the Nexus One

iBend works with the Nexus One Following its release, we managed to test the iBend out on one of Google's new Nexus One phones and it worked perfectly... so if you're in the market for a new Nexus One phone, also consider picking up an iBend for watching videos or distracting your young ones while you try to grab a quick bite to eat.

USA Today puts iBend as a must have for travelers

That's right, USA Today picked 11 products for their 2009 Travelers Gift Guide (check out #6) and the iBend was one of them. "'The coolest non-tech tech product I have right now is the iBend,' says Avi Rosenthal, an energy consultant in Harrisburg, Pa. It lets you stand your iPhone and iPod up to view from a desk or tray table. 'It is almost ridiculous in its simplicity but is truly a lifesaver.'"

Thank you for the great review Mr. Rosenthal!

Artist series holiday sale!

A little early for Black Friday, we decided that we wanted to (over)extend a special offer through the holidays where you can now buy your favorite artist series iBend products for $5.99 instead of $7.99! We realize that this is a huge price drop, but we wanted to say thank you to all of our customers and our community for the much appreciated success that we have seen so far. Happy holidays from your friends at iBend!

The doctor recommends, iBend

We received a fun email from an iBend customer and we thought it best to just pass it along as-is...

"Well, yesterday I had another lunch at Ruby Tuesday – with my iBend. As much as I have enjoyed my reverse TV dinner (bringing my TV via iPhone) in the past, it was oh so much better with the iBend. That little gadget is simple brilliance – seeing my iPhone without having it slide down sugar packets is great."

Fantastic YouTube review, for you!

We want to thank everyone over at iPhone App Daily for the awesome review of the iBend. You can check it out here:

iBend helps babies learn while giving parents a break

iBend helps babies learn while giving parents a break iBend is teaming up with the folks at OccupyBaby to create the ultimate travel solution for parents with toddles and infants. We have already seen blog posts that rave about how the iBend has allowed them to distract their kids during feeding time in a hands-free manner. Due to the "forgetful convenience" of the iBend, you are likely to have one on you whether you planned for it or not, which is one less thing to think about when stuffing that diaper bag.

As of this week, a brand new iPhone application was released on the app store called OccupyBaby that is an engaging and educational iPhone application that is perfect for travel and mealtimes. The OccupyBaby app currently has one theme, but is scheduled to release several more in the very near future... we can't wait.

iBend artist series in production

Hey folks, just a quick update to let you know that two of the three artist designs are in and have been printed (only a month behind), next they're off to the packaging printer for insertion. Over the coming weeks we will be making some changes to the website to accommodate the additional products. Overall the artist series look incredible and we think that you'll be as excited as we are when you see them.

Hey Mac|Life magazine, thanks for the love

In the June 2009 issue of Mac|Life magazine (pages 30 and 31) the iBend received a mention in their bit about iPhone stands and we wanted to make sure to say "thank you Mac|Life magazine folks", your quote actually made us blush. "The iBend is one of those simple but brilliant inventions you wish you'd thought of yourself", we truly couldn't have asked for a better acknowledgment.

Checkout the post on their blog.

iBend artist series is just around the corner

We are happy to release that we have confirmed three artists for the first iBend artist series. We are very excited to see how the artists choose to personalize the products as well as the packaging and we're even more excited to bring them to you. Without further ado, the artist lineup is as follows (in alphabetical order, of course):

Michael Bartalos, San Francisco, CA
Joshua Davis, Mineola, NY
Vicki Wong, Vancouver, BC

We are currently anticipating final artwork and manufacturing by mid-June and we will be sure to send out notifications to past customers as well as update our website, Flickr, YouTube, etc. as soon as the products are in. As always, make sure to check back regularly for updates.

Send your own marketing message with a personalized iBend

Send your own marketing message with a personalized iBend With CES right around the corner now is the perfect time to commission custom iBends with your own logo and messaging as booth giveaways. With over 13 million iPhones in circulation, the iBend is sure to be a hit at "the world's biggest gadget show".

For further information about ordering customized iBends in bulk quantities, please contact us at

iBend artist series, coming soon in '09

We're so excited about the design and branding possibilities for our nifty little product that we have been working closely with local San Francisco designers, as well as other well-known digital artists, to produce an "artist series" of iBends that will be available in 2009.

What's particularly exciting about this series is that the artists will not only be allowed to design the product surface, but also the entire iBend packaging! Subscribe to this RSS feed to keep up with product news as well as the imminent release of the first artist series.

Also keep an eye on our Flickr stream for new product releases:

Introducing the iBend™

Introducing the iBend™ Happy Holidays!

We are very excited to announce the release of our new iBend product. The iBend is the thinnest mobile media player stand designed specifically for the iPhone® and iPod® touch. Made from 0.01" thick rigid vinyl, its clever shape and patent pending design offers an amazing amount of support and durability for watching videos & movies whilst traveling by plane, train or automobile.

Considering how common it is to see people on a plane using their iPhones to watch movies, we thought it made sense to package the product in quantities of two to encourage sharing with both friends and strangers.

The iBend is currently only available through the online iBend store at

Also be sure to share your iBend experiences in our Flickr group: